Back button hotkey for navigation

i use the mx master 3 mouse that allows to use hotkeys and custom keys. is there a way to allow my back and forward buttons in my mouse to trigger the arrows i prefer for navigating documents?

Maybe with dedicated utilities like BetterTouchTool.

im not sure i follow, in order for me to trigger the arrows it seems i have to use the cursor. is there a hotkey for them?

In my words: You want to trigger cursor left/right by using mouse buttons while DT has the mouse focus.
As I said before: Maybe a dedicated utility like Better Touch Tool can map the mouse buttons to the cursor keys. There’s nothing more I can say on that topic since I don’t know the mouse. It should come with a user’s manual though, that might help you to achieve what you want to do. Or with a preference pane. I don’t know

i mean arrows as in the ones here

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 2.08.23 AM

mx master 3 has its own app to map the buttons on my mouse. all im asking is if devonthink has a hotkey or a settins where one can trigger the arrows.

in other words, if the keyboard can do it so can my mouse

I don’t think so. Also, these UI elements appear in two places: In the top toolbar to navigate between previous and next views and in the bottom toolbar to navigate between the documents you see below this toolbar.

i agree thats why i stated “the arrows i prefer”. its a bummer theres no way to trigger them. although i appreciate you trying to help find a way

From help, The Go menu:

Back/Forward: Moves backwards and forwards through all documents/web pages you have visited by following cross-links or Wiki-style links.

  • Set shortcut ⌃⇧ ← for Back and ⌃⇧ → for Forward
  • Set the mouse buttons to ⌃⇧ ← and ⌃⇧ → .

I’ve set these shortcuts in every app that allows going back/forward, so the mouse can be used everywhere.

The Back/Forward menu items are used for both depending which one has focus.

ah! thanks a bunch! youre always helping me ever since 2020 i appreciate it

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