Back Button

Maybe this has already been requested, but I’d really appreciate a back button. It would be invaluable when using wiki-links to move between documents.

Try the backwards and forwards triangles just above the Styles button at the top left of the page or pane. You can navigate back to the starting point after a Wiki link or See Also choice.

Aahhh, how could I have missed them… Thank you.

it would be SO nice if the “back” button brought to back to the position of the document that you were previously at instead of just at the top of the document. I write long documents that contain image/file wiki links. Once I open them and wish to go back, I have to spend lots of time finding where I was upto again!

Me, too. :slight_smile:

One of these days, I hope.

Actually this behavior does not exist in Preview also. It is the ONLY thing that I feel Acrobat is better at. May be I should submit a request to Apple. It should not be too hard to implement and it really is a deal breaker for people reading scientific papers where they have to constantly jump between figures, tables and the references section.

One trick to remember when using See Also or See Selected Text is to double-click on an item in the list of suggestions. It will open in a new window rather than displacing the document you were viewing.