"Back" + "Forward" commands

I know you can navigate back and forth between documents in a Group but I’d like to be able to navigate back and forth between viewed documents regardless of Group location. When I’m drilled down a few layers and want to view something I just looked at then go back, there’s a lot of clicking and scrolling involved to get back to the correct Group and location.

Is there a way to already navigate like this that I’m missing?

Something like the breadcrumbs suggestion?

Yeah I guess so. But after a year and a half it doesn’t look too promising as a feature.

Or a History menu? DA does History - maybe one hand at DTech could borrow the code from the other hand? :wink:

I use the shortcuts Cmd+ö (to go back - maybe Cmd+; on an English keyboard?) and then Cmd+R, which takes me back to the last document and group. Basically this works for going forward, too, but the “forward” history is cleared if Cmd-R jumps to another group.

The way I’d like it to be would mean that navigation would definitely have to go back and forth between groups as well as documents.

I know this is an old thread, but I thought it would be better to continue writing here rather than starting a new one and missing all the history (punny reference intended :stuck_out_tongue:).

Anyway, I often find myself wanting to have forward and backward location history buttons like in a browser. Can you consider adding these buttons so that they can be added to the toolbar?

The Tools → History I found out is a change log. But what I need is a navigational history.

E.g. when searching and then finding a document, going back to the document I was reading before I searched (which is a very common task) is too difficult, both with regard to cognitive load and the user interface at the moment.

I think this is a very useful idea. I get around its lack by using the groups and tags HUD (Cmd-Ctrl G) but I have to be very carefully organised with groups spread across spaces to keep things manageable. Its very easy to have 10s of windows in no time at all.


Is it helpful to use tabs?

Would something like Safari’s reading list help – as a place to temporarily park documents you’re working with?

Or would you prefer something like Safari’s History panel?

I’m just looking for a browsing history with a forward and back button.