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The buttons at the top of the top of the document viewing window do not appear to work. When I click on the Back, Forward, Reload, Keyword or any other item in that line nothing happens. I believe DT knows they’re there because if I hover over a button I get a Tool Tip that correctly identifies what it is supposed to do. But when I do click it, nothing.

I am using DT 1.9.2 on a 450 Mhz PowerPC running OS X 10.2.8.

This problem is always there whether I am looking at a web page or a text page, rich text or plain text. The problem is there in the main window and if I open a document in a new window.

I started with 1.9.1 and the problem was present on that version as well. I have also downloaded 1.9.2 again and reinstalled it, but no improvement.

I am relatively new to DT, having been using it for just 2 months. I like the product a lot and use it daily mostly for collecting, and organizing research information.

Since no one has responded to your post I thought I’d see if I could do some research and help you with your problem.

The answer to your question is simple but not obvious. I’m sorry that what I could show you in 15 seconds at the computer takes several paragraphs to explain. Blame it on an old guy who spent most of two decades doing software support and manual writing!

However, in the course of my research I think I’ve discovered a BUG (&*^$#) with the toolbar arrows. Or maybe I’m just being brick-brained again (doh)!

Patience is a virtue:

There are TWO sets of back-forward arrows that can be displayed. Each has a different behaviour:

  1. ARROWS DISPLAYED AT THE TOP OF THE DOCUMENT WINDOW are present in both the browser and in separately displayed documents. Other items in this line are the reload button and a URL when applicable.

These arrows take you to the files you have viewed recently, in the order they have been viewed. In a browser, these viewed files can be from any group available in the file list. In a separate document window, these arrows act only within the group that the file displayed resides in.

->->->The answer to your question is this: In a separate document window these arrows are greyed out and do not do anything until you move from one file another using the toolbar arrows. Then they move you between files in the same order the files were displayed. BUT they do help when you press a link on a displayed web page since they can take you back to previous web screens. Detailed info at the bottom if you are so inclined.

  1. ARROWS IN THE TOOLBAR are found only in separately displayed documents. These act only within the group that the selected file resides in. They take you to other files within the group.
    BUG :frowning: or DOH :/?
    I have not been able to discern any logic to the sorting order in which the files are presented using these arrows, although it’s always in the same order! It does not matter how you’ve got the group’s files sorted in the browser list – I’ve checked them all. I’ve found no reference to these arrows in the wiki thingi, the manual or the forum. Maybe I’m missing the obvious, or maybe it’s $#*(&$# bug.


More info on document window arrows

These arrows take you to the files from the file list you have viewed recently, in the order they have been viewed. These files can be from any group available in the file list in the browser window. In a separate window the operate only within the original file’s group.

For example, if from the file list you look at A (RTF file), then B (URL), then C (TIFF), the arrow buttons at the top of the document window will take you to A->B, B<-A, B->C, and C<-B. They will not take you to files before A or after C because you have not looked at them ;).

A further twist if the document is a URL: If you are looking at B, which displays a web site, and you click on a link within the document window to go to another URL, the back arrow will take you back through the web windows viewed. But the forward button will not take you to the clicked-on links, since they are not in the list of files you have viewed.

I appreciate your research but I don’t think this gets to the problem I am having. My problem involves the first situation you describe, i.e. the various controls along the top of the document window.

The problem is not related to the controls being greyed out. I can use the shortcut keys, Cmd-] and Cmd-[ to go forward and backward for example, but clicking on the Forward or Backward buttons does nothing. And the Keywords button is always present and active and it never works. On a web page, the Reload button should always be active, but it never is.

I have seen other discussions of issues related to keywords in the forums so I know others must see them, but I never have. (I can’t find any shortcut key combination for displaying keywords either).

mlnichols0 wrote

Why not add an entry yourself to the Wiki? This will ensure that the topic recieves some coverage now as well as ensuring that it will be picked up and covered in future manuals.

The behavior of the buttons you are asking about is context-dependent.

[1] Let’s start with viewing Web pages in DEVONthink:

When I’m viewing a Web page, the Reload button always works for me.

The triangular “Back” and “Forward” buttons work as they are supposed to. If I’ve just opened a page from a bookmark URL, they are not functional – properly so, as there’s no history pertinent to them. If I click on a link on that page, however, the “Back” button becomes functional. It will return me to the page I previously viewed.

The Keywords button isn’t functional, because the page being viewed hasn’t been captured into the DT database.
But if the page I’m viewing has been captured into my database, the Keywords button IS funtional, as it should be.

[2] What happens when viewing an RTF document:

The triangular “Back” and “Forward” buttons move the displayed document backward and forward among items viewed. Example: If the “See Also” button is pressed, a list of possibly related document is presented. If one of these documents is clicked, it replaces the original document. Now the “Back” button will return me to the first document – and the “Forward” button will return me to the one I had clicked. That can be useful.

Obviously, in this context, the “Reload” button doesn’t do anything for me.

But the “Keywords” button is functional, because the text of the document viewed is in the database.

[3] And so on. For an image item, “Keywords” isn’t functional, because there are no words. But the “Back” and “Forward” buttons are. For a PDF + Text file, “Keywords” is functional.

These symbols are pretty standard in Mac OS X programs. Most users find that it’s simpler to recognize contextual changes in functioning of a few symbols, than it would be to see a large number of symbols used to cover each contextual situation. Think about the number of symbols that would be required to replace the “Back” and “Forward” buttons in Safari, if a different symbol were to be used for each contextual situation! (Hint: The number would be larger than 6. Therein lies confusion.)

But if the “Reload” button doesn’t work for you while you are viewing a Web page such as MacSurfer, or the “Keywords” button doesn’t work while you are viewing a text or PDF+text document, DEVONthink isn’t functioning normally on your computer. Disk and/or System housekeeping may be in order.

Hope this helps.

I don’t think what I am seeing is a context related issue. If I open a web page, both the back and forward arrows are greyed, as they should be. If I go forward by clicking a link, the Back arrow turns from grey to black, as it should, but clicking the button has no effect. If I use the keys Cmd-[, I go back to the previous page.

While I am loading a web page, the Reload button shows an X which it should, but clicking the X does not stop the page loading. Once the page is loaded, the button changes to a circular arrow, as it should, but again clicking it does nothing.

Same thing happens if I am viewing an RTF page. The arrows change from grey to black correctly, but never respond to clicking. Reload is always greyed, as it should be.

The Keywords button “>>” is properly greyed when I am viewing a web page and active (but not working) when I am viewing an RTF page.

Every other button in the application, except for those in the Back, Forward, Reload line, works exactly as it should. My guess is that since the troublesome buttons have a non-standard look, they were implemented as custom controls and for some reason, they aren’t working in my environment.

But since I am relatively new to this application, I’m not inclined to report a bug until I feel this isn’t just some preference I have set incorrectly or some other error on my part.

You’re right, of course!

With the permission of the other posters (especially Bill DeVille) I will make the entry. However, I’d like to wait a couple of days for any other information to be posted so I won’t have to make too many changes. Lazy me :wink: