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Most often, I use the vertical split view when using DTP. Something that I find frustrating, is that if I’m viewing a document or webpage and I also want to view another document I have to leave the first document to open the second. Is there a way to perhaps right-click on the new folder or document and open it in a new window without disturbing the view of the current document? Thanks.

Sure, if you have Preferences > General set to open a group in a new window.

Simply open a second view window and open the other document from within the second window. It’s easy to return to the original document by using Exposé. I use a Mighty Mouse and I’ve set the scroll button (in System Preferences > Mouse & Keyboard) so that a click on the scroll button displays DT Pro’s open windows. Click on the original one to return to the document you were reading.

Note that you can open any group or subgroup in a separate view, and you can have multiple instances of a group open.

I normally have several windows open, including the topmost view, my Bookmarks group, my Incoming group and whatever current project group(s) I’m working on.

And when I’m writing or doing extensive editing in a document, I open it in its own window. Then I can bounce around all over my database without losing my place in that document.

Exposé is wonderful. It allows nearly instantaneous switching of windows.

Just double-click on documents or on groups (after activating “Always open groups in new windows”).

I just started using DevonThink, and I also am finding navigation confusing. Specifically, why does the “back” button not take me back to where I was in the document?

I’ve set up a link to another file in the DTDB (DevonThink Database) using “Make Link”. I click the link, and that takes me to the top of the file. I click the “back” button, and I’m back in my starting file, BUT AT THE TOP OF THE FILE. I now have to scroll around trying to find where I last was in this file.

Why can’t DT keep track of where I last was in each file? Why always scroll to the top? How about “always scroll to bottom” as a preference? Or better yet “remember position in each file”?

I hope to use DT (it looks very promising), but with such crude navigation I’m not sure. Needing to keep several windows open just to hold your position in the files you are working with is sub-optimal. It clutters the screen. It forces me to think “oh, if I want to remember where I’m at I must open other documents in separate windows”.

This will definitely come (hopefully soon).

It’s been a year and a couple of DEVONthink versions, but the “back button” is still flawed.

Is this on the list for future improvements?

Yes, but probably not until version 2.0.