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We have been continuously informed by Eric about the Devon team projects in progress. We heard about the next release 2.0 of DevonThink and also about a secret brand new product line.
I am curious to know what hides behind this new product and especially interested in knowing whether it will be “office oriented” or “enterprise oriented”.

I guess that no team member will reveal the secrecy but I’d like to believe that there is somewhere a kindly evangelist who is about to begin the sermon.
Think of your impatient parishioners :smiley:


„The nuclear industry is facing a crisis, where the current knowledge workforce is retiring without an adequate transfer of nuclear knowledge to a younger generation. The scientific and technical knowledge produced in the last several last decades is in jeopardy of being lost. […]
This study …[demonstrates] how the AIQ Neural technology can automatically build a nuclear knowledge management system. …The first approach employs the “Auto Group” feature of AIQ Neural technology on all pages in the report. The second approach starts with user defined categories with one seed document in each category and employs the “Auto Classify” feature to categorize the remaining documents.“

„Capturing and Maintain Legacy Nuclear Knowledge“, Paper prepared for Space Nuclear Conference, June 2007, … /2055.html

Kind of amusing but definitely not the secret product :smiley:

Gosh! Damn! The evangelist and the developper are conniving :frowning:


Like Christian, I chuckled when I opened the link referenced by Andreas.