Back up of DTPO to Onedrive - Back-up only

Dear all,

I love DTPO and of course I love all my data. So I have around 10 GB of data in databases (index and files) on my mac. Of course I do backups with TimeMachine and I also copy them on my USB drive. But I also want to have them on my Onedrive folder.
It is just about backup. No need to access it from there.

But when I zip the individual databases (3 GB each), and then try to upload it, it doesn’t work properly (files too large, takes too long).
When I want to store it as a 1:1 copy from the files, I have issues as the mac file system allows symbols in files that are of course not allowed in OneDrive.

Do you have thoughts on how to filter for this symbols and rename them?

What is the best option to make those backups? Sync Store? Automator script?
Any ideas?

Thank you for your thoughts!



I am storing a back-up copy of my database (8GB) in iCloud Drive.

I did the following:

  1. Open DiskUtility
  2. Make a new image
  3. Set size to 9GB
  4. Encrytion 128
  5. Exported a back up (Database Archive)
  6. Uploaded it - dragged it in to the iCloud Drive folder on my mac (took one night)

You’ll lots of warnings in the forum about storing your databases in Dropbox – or, worse, accessing them from Dropbox.

Substitute iCloud, Box, OneDrive, GoogleDrive for “Dropbox”. The answer is the same: you’re taking a risk storing a database in a cloud service, and you’re taking a major risk accessing it from that cloud** The reason is that these services are generally not designed for managing OS X packages such as DEVONthink databases. Even if a cloud provider says they handle packages, why trust them? They can change the technology in a flash and never tell you.

If you truly love your data (we all do) then I suggest the most conservative view of these things: the best backup strategy is to always store your data on a device that you alone control. Clouds are enticing. And dangerous. Don’t believe the hype.

[size=85]**I know the posters, above, said nothing about access. But the temptation is great. It takes a long time to up/down load a database. It’s easy to think “just this once, I’m in a hurry, I’ll open my database from OneDrive – nothing will happen” … [/size]

Don t get me wrong, I do not like Clouds in general. I do not even store emails there anymore. I read them, import them to DT or delete them.

BUT I do not feel too afraid to store a we’ll encrypted “sealed package” there but maybe I should!

Hi all,

I share your thoughts on “the cloud”. I have a lot of local backups. But in my family there was a burglary some days ago. And of course, they took electronics. Owning the storage was not secure. Maybe I will use a USB stick and store it in the office…

But I guess I will try the sealed package.


Make sure it’s not your only backup. (I prefer to keep 4 backups in different locations.)

  1. One on the computer
  2. One on a USB-stick (encrypted) updated weekly
  3. One on TimeMachine (encrypted) updated hourly
  4. One in iCloud Drive (encrypted) updated monthly
    (5). Half a copy (not really sure how pdfs inside emails stores inside iOS) on iPad and iPhone

I am more afraid to loose the information than the computer itself since I use DevonThink for all except music, movies and photos.