Background audio player


recently I started using DTTG to consume some audio content which i saved in my data base.

A webarchive saved in DTTG (example link I used) results in following behaviour:

  • iPhone: once player is started (click on play in the webarchive saved in DTTG) and screen is locked, DTTG continues playing the content and provides a default media player on the lock screen (i.e. works as expected)
  • iPad: once player is started and screen is locked, DTTG stops playing the content and does not provide a default media player on the lock screen

I wonder if there is any difference in the app irt to iPhone vs Ipad here or this is rather some local configuration (which I still need to find out where :slight_smile: )

No, there is no setting for this. I will file an issue to look into this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks @BLUEFROG !

Additional testing: this behaviour on ipad is only seen in a horizonal position. If I put ipad in vertical position, the player continues playing in the background and present the default player view on the locked screen.

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Indeed! Thanks for the diligence and follow-up. I have confirmed the behavior here and will add the detail to the issue on file.

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