Background color of custom metadata

I noticed that in dark mode the background field of custom metadata is, obviously, dark. Unfortunately fields that contain formatted black text are now unreadable. It’d be great if an option was available to have the text color switch to white while dark mode is enabled.
Thank you for listening!

Thanks for the suggestion.
Development will have to assess this.

Do note you can use Edit > Paste and Match Style when pasting into a rich text metadata field.
You can also choose Format > Show Fonts while the rich text field has focus and change the font color.

Is this a rich text field? A screenshot of the window would be helpful, thanks.

The custom metadata field is a richt text field. I populated it by pasting text from readable PDFs. As you can see this leads to different results. The only difference between the PDF is that the right one was generated via DT from a website and the others are pdf files I downloaded and imported into DT.
Once I turn light mode back on, everything is black text on white background.

Thank you for the screenshot, the next release will improve this.