Background Color RTF Documents - how to change?


This one confuses me.

If I import a RTF document that has the background color set it is displayed in DT. But I cannot find a way to change the background color of a rtf document in DT?

Is it just me or does this feature not exists.

Thanks for your help.

[size=85]<removed; wrong advice; see Greg’s correct answer, below>[/size]

Thanks korm for your tip.

But is there a way to change the bg color for the entire file?
it looks a bit strange to just have the selected portion of the rtf file
in a specific color.


  1. Format>Font>Show Fonts (Command-T).
  2. Click on the right side icon in the Fonts panel toolbar.
  3. Make your color selection-the background checkbox should already be checked, but if not-check it.
  4. If you want to reuse this background, make sure the text document toolbar is visible, select ‘Styles>Other…’ and click on ‘Add to Favorites’.