Background video playback pauses automatically and requires user interaction


I would like to report the following issue and request a (seemingly?) minor modification of how DTTG behaves when playing videos in the background.

If I play an audio file in DTTG and then lock the screen, the audio keeps playing without interruption. So far so good.

However, when doing the same with a video file, it is paused and to continue playback I need to press play once again on the lock screen player.

Would it be possible to modify this behaviour, such that videos also continue playing in the background when the screen is locked?

To just continue hearing the audio?

Correct. For example, this could be a (downloaded) video blog or podcast where the picture is not essential.

Currently, to continue playing the audio one needs to press the lockscreen play button. It’s no big deal, but a bit of a nuisance

Noted. Development would have to assess this.

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