Backing up DT data to cloud (via Dolly Drive)

I keep a folder called “Working Documents” that automatically gets backed up to the Dolly Drive cloud. (It’s too expensive to backup my entire hard drive that way – it’s backed up to an external hard drive via Time Machine.)
How can I put all my DT data (the actual data, plus DT indexes etc) into that folder, so it too gets backed up regularly to the cloud? Where do I find my DT database files, and do I risk anything by moving them to my “Working Documents” folder?
Simple question, but I can’t seem to find a simple answer to it in the Forum.

Though we have no anecdotal data saying it won’t work, I would err on the side of caution before dumping all my databases in it.

Based on the info here: it looks like the mechanism may be safer than Dropbox’s. (Dropbox’s continual attempts to sync all the time are part of how the damage to your database can occur.) This appears to be taking a static snapshot and backing that up which feels safer than Dropbox’s approach.

PS: This statement from their website (and many others):

… is a lie (hyperbole at best). “Persistent network connection” is still a pipe dream. I encourage you to not give up on your local backup process. It’s faster, more robust, far cheaper in the log run, and under your control. Augment with cloud backup if you’d like, but don’t give up on local data. Just offering something to think about.

But Bluefrog (or anyone else!) – can you tell me where I’d actually FIND my DT database files on my Mac? I’m a brand-new user and the manual doesn’t anywhere tell me what they look like or are named or where they are stored! And if I move them from there to my “Working Documents” folder (the one I backup automatically to Dolly Drive) will DT have any trouble at all finding them, or writing to them, when I want to work on them further?

That may seem a simple question, but it’s not.

We recommend against putting your database file out in the cloud and running it from that location, as that will likely result in database damage.

An alternative might be to export your database groups and their contents to a folder that’s stored in the cloud, then Index capture the material to a new database.

Our Sync procedure has been designed and tested for working with Dropbox, but not with Dolly Drive. As each such cloud server host has its own APIs, you might have problems using Sync with Dolly Drive.

Now let’s talk about backup strategies. If you store your database document files in the cloud and Index them into a DEVONthink database, those files are subject to modification while the database is running. If something goes wrong, files could be lost or corrupted. The database metadata has no backup at all in the cloud using this approach, so that organization into groups, tags, labels, etc. could be lost if the database were damaged. I would want better protection of my data, and would at a minimum use Time Machine for backup.

I have similar reservations about regarding the Sync store in the cloud as an adequate backup of my data. That doesn’t cover me for all the circumstances involved were I to need to revert the database to an earlier state. I would want to use a utility like Time Machine in this case as well.

Finally, I’ve got personal prejudices–freely admitted–about relying on cloud backups. First, I’m not in control of cloud storage concerning either the security or the integrity of my data. Second, I’ve got big databases and uploads and downloads via my Internet connection take a lot of time. For those reasons, I periodically update Database Archives of my most important databases to a portable hard drive that’s stored offsite in my bank safety deposit box. If my computer equipment were stolen or my home burned, I could recover my important data more quickly from that portable drive than from the cloud.

Actually, I wouldn’t want to RUN my DT database from the Dolly Drive cloud. I’d run it from my Mac, and mostly Time Machine it to my hard drive – but also want an emergency backup in the cloud, in case of fire, burglary etc. (I also keep a Time Machine backup in the safe deposit, but its always a month or more out of date – and I can’t afford to lose a month of work.) I could export my database as a zipped archive and then put THAT in my “working documents” folder on my hard drive that’s automatically backed up to the cloud – but I’m just worried that I’ll forget to do that. That’s why I was hoping to move the actual DT database files into that “Working Documents” folder on my hard drive – so they would normally run with DT from my hard drive, but I’d have a copy of them also in the cloud, in case of disaster, to copy back onto a replacement computer. But maybe I understand too little of how DT works to understand why this would be difficult and/or risky.