Backup ALL DT2 contents

Hi all,

I had just started last week to try DT (liking it a lot, it is an amazing app, with ton of features and yet even more potential). Unfortunately 5 days ago, my laptop was stolen and with it all my data (last backup was from 1.5 weeks prior to the incident). I had made a backup of my database in DT (created zip file with db). However, this file does not restore the content of my “inbox” section (which is not specific to that particular database). So my question is, is there a way to make a SAFE & COMPLETE backup of ALL my files (not just a single database) to store in case of an incident like the one that happened ?

Is there a “backup function” that will create a zip file with all my currently opened databases and all my files in the general “inbox” section.

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Hi All,

There has been no reply with suggestions to my above described issue, so I will share with whoever is interested the solution I have found for now to make a safe and complete backup of my database:

What you need:
2.Dropbox account
3.symbolic link generator automator script ( … herFolders)

How to do it:

  1. Make symbolic links for you DT databases (where ever they are on your disk) and put the links in your dropbox folder (I have a dropbox folder called databasesBackups inside of which I have a DT folder).
  2. Make a symbolic link of the DEVONthink folder in your user library. This folder contains the files for the general Inbox folder. Path is user/library/application support/DEVONthink Pro 2 (if you have DT pro 2

Then work as you usually do, dropbox will make incremental backups of your files and store them safely on their servers.


Hi Karninh, thanks for your messages. The information you posted about Dropbox is helpful. I think that one reason that some questions don’t receive prompt responses on this forum is that other members can’t figure out the question.

Here, I’m not sure what you mean in the quote above. When I backup my 2GB General Database, I use the backup script that Bill recommends on this forum, which checks the file for errors and then Zip compresses the data. I get everything in that DB package file backed up, including my Inbox.

I don’t understand what you mean by the Inbox “section” not being specific to a particular database. Every DTPO database file contains an Inbox. Forgive me, but I’m not following you at all.


Sorry if I was not entirely clear in my first message (that would surely explain the lack of answer…:slight_smile:
So in the left hand side sidebar in devon think, there is the list of all your databases under the “open databases” heading (I have here one database called “FirstDatabase”). However, above that heading is a section with the heading “Globals” under which you can find an “inbox” and the Trash.
Well that Global Inbox has not been backed up when last week I used the script you mentioned. Therefore after my macbook was lost, I was able to recover the content of my “open databases” but not the content of the Global Inbox.
Here please correct me if I am wrong when saying that the script does not backup that global inbox. If it does, then I may be able to find my data. However after restoring my backup, i only recovered my databases and not the content of the global inbox.

Therefore my initial question was: how to make a backup of all DevonThink contains, including the global inbox.
My solution to it was described above (using DropBox). I should add too that I have set DT to put by default everything I throw at it in the inbox of my database called “FirstDatabase” (under “open databases” heading) instead of the global inbox.
So now I can technically use the script (to have an archive of my database, say, to retrieve a document I had deleted but now need) and the Dropbox solution for a very up-to-date, automatic database backup.

Please feel free to add your suggestions/thoughts (and let me know if I have not been clear in this post :slight_smile:


The Global Inbox is a actually a ‘special’ database that resides in your user library at /Home/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/.

If you wish to back up that database, just select the Inbox.dtBase2 file and make a zipped copy of it, which you can then store at a location of your choice.

I would consider the Global Inbox as a temporary holding place for new content, which should then be filed into the appropriate database(s). If you take that approach, the Global Inbox should normally be empty. The advantage of having this Inbox is that it can be used to receive new content even when the DEVONthink application is not running.

Thank you for the clarification Mr. Evangelist