Backup archive script not working

Whenever I try to run the “backup archive” script it tells me that my database is damaged. I have tried running “verify and repair” but it doesn’t help.

What should I do?


Yes, Backup Archive checks first, so that you don’t end up with a backup of a damaged database.

I assume the Verify & Repair reported errors that could not be corrected. In that case, database maintenance is in order.

  1. Rebuild Database (under Tools) will export and then import the database contents, in an effort to clear up problems. After the procedures is finished, check the Log to see if there were files that did not make it back into the database.

  2. Restore Backup (under Tools) will restore the state of the database to that held in in internal Backup folder. When this in invoked, choose the most recent backup. You will have lost information added or edited subsequent to that date and time. If the problem was already present at the time of that backup, choose the next most recent backup.

  3. Alternatively, use an external backup of the database, such as one made by Backup Archive (under Tools) or a Time Machine or other backup.

My databases are very stable and I’ve had to use a backup of my main database only once in the last four years or so. But when you need a backup, it becomes important, and the more recent the backup, the better. So my “belt & suspenders” attitude is to make a backup whenever I’ve invested significant time and effort on a database – I don’t want to wait for a scheduled backup.

Do you have important information in your databases? What would become of that information if your hard drive crashed, or a burglar stole your computer equipment, including your Time Machine drive? It’s a good idea to think about such things.