BackUp: coming back to todays status


I Have two problems:

The reason I went back to my previouse back up as Devonthink givew a “No Selection” result when a folder is clicked on even though the folder shows that it has content in it.

#2] Because of this problem, I went back to yesterdays backup. I now want to come back to todays work. How can I do this as now yesterdays back up overwrote all my work.

I did not backup my work that was done since my last backup.

I like DevonThink but it is not working for me.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

The very best,


Can you clarify these “issues”?

If you restored and overwrote the current database - and have no backup from today - you can’t return to today’s work.

You should have before you restored the old one.
Alternatively, you could have exported today’s work via Files > Export > Files and Folders before doing the restore.