Backup... complete backup

How to lose documents with DEVONThink Pro:

It seems that INBOX is not located in the same place as the databases.
So, when you back up your databases, remember to look in the (invisible) Library folder, “Application Support” subfolder, you will find a “DEVONthink 3” folder there which contains everything that has not yet been “classified”.
I was a year behind in my filing, which didn’t matter since DEVONThink Pro allowed me to find my documents instantly … except that now I’ve lost everything.
Of course, the fact that the TimeMachine had to be reset and didn’t do a full backup again before my Mac crashed is an aggravating factor … but backing up all my databases to another WEBDAV server … I thought I was safe. Big mistake !

Flute, damn, poop! (yes, I know, in fine, I am the only one responsible)

Welcome @iYom

Sorry to hear about your data loss.

Indeed the Global Inbox is located in DEVONThink’s Application Support folder (and should remain there).
Aldo smart rules, favorites, custom templates, etc. are stored in that directory so there are more reasons to ensure it’s being backed up… redundantly :slight_smile:

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