Backup databases - Use ChronoSync "dissect packages" option?

There are some old threads regarding the use of ChronoSync’s “dissect packages” option. However, there users seemed to try to use ChronoSync to sync DEVONthink database.

I want smaller backups. Most of my databases contain mainly indexed records, however e.g. the global inbox doesn’t - which means changing a single record results in a 5 GB global inbox backup.

Does someone use ChronoSync’s “dissect packages” option? Does it work? Which one exactly?

I don’t use ChronoSync but this option sounds especially dangerous if backups are created while databases are in use (or even modified at the same time).


If I test it (with closed databases) what should I look for to verify it does or does not work?

The only option is likely to restore a backup in a different location, to open the database and verify it (including the file integrity). However, the sync should be disabled first.

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First tests are looking promising! File integrity was always ok, thanks a lot for adding that!

As I’m probably not the only DEVONthink and ChronoSync user I’d really like to know other users’ experiences with this setting: