Backup destination

Hi there,

I have the Devonthink and want to back up to a certain destination.
I see the section in the preferences but I cannot type or press on the destination button to select the path I wish it to back up.

If I can’t, where is the backup of this file on my computer? I want to find it so that I can make a further backup to my external drive for safe keeping.



The backup is a copy of the database’s index files. It is stored inside the database package (a package is a type of folder) and is there “in case the index gets corrupted”. DTech states that backup “[does] NOT backup the whole database to a secure location” (see the Help file topic “Backup” for more information. Emphasis added).

If you want a secure backup of your entire database for safe keeping, you should use Time Machine, copy it manually, or use a third party backup solution. Best practice is to close DT and/or your databases before making backups.

If I was to find the right file or folder on my computer to back up, where do I go about doing this? :confused:

Depends – what version of DEVONthink do you have?

I want to do a clean install of Lion because I have issues with how it is running. So, do make a copy of the database index should I make a copy of the DEVONthink package since that is where the index backups are stored?

Thanks for the help.