Backup failure Devonthink Pro Office 2.0

Hello Folks,

i have installed the new 2.0 Version of Devonthink Pro Office. I had want to make a backup and i had plug in my external harddrive. The backup process begann over. Then i started the backup to my external hard drive (Scripts/Export/Backup Archive). The backup fails because the cable plugs out the drive. Then i cancelled Devonthink Pro manually. I started Devonthink pro Office and want to do the same procedure. But the backup fails (Backup failure) on my externel and internal drive.

What shoud i do?

Check your database (Tools > Verify & Repair). If there are no errors, then run Tools > Backup & Optimize.

If I understand what happened, the connection to the external drive had failed and you Force Quit DTPO 2.0, is that correct? If so, and if data was being written to disk at the time of the Force Quit, there could have been damage to the database.

If there had been serious damage to the database because of this series of events, the worst that could have happened is that you will need to throw away the first conversion of your version 1.x database and run the conversion again.

When dismounting an external hard drive, always Eject it in the Finder before unplugging it from your FireWire or USB port. If unplugged before ejection, errors could result on the external drive.