Backup folders - which ones?

I’m already backup up my databases located in a database folder using Arq, but I just figured out that my Global Inbox database is located in another place: /Users/stig/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3. So I guess I need to back up this one too?

What folders are you backing up, am I missing something?

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Don’t you regularly back up everything anyway? You should.

I don’t specify specific folders; just generally my Mac

Well, I do both. But my global backup with Time Machine is on an external disk and it backs up only when it is connected. That’s why I also backup up selected folders much more frequently in the cloud(OneDrive) so I’m sure my most important docs are continuously backed up.

Your databases – ideally located in the Databases folder in your home directory – and our Application Support folder should be sufficient.

Thanks. Just added it to my backup plan! I have always wondered where this Global Database was located. Maybe it would be an idea to add this info under the backup info in the Help documentation.

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Are you sure backing up to OneDrive is a sufficiently secure backup for you? OneDrive is a “sync” service so changes on either server or local get replicated to the other. Hence if a flaw or deletion (deliberate, deliberate but regretted in future, and/or accidental) happens, that state is replicated to the other. Poof, backup gone. Not what real backups do.

Just saying …


Thanks for your concern! Arq backup software offer this as a location for backups. It is being uploaded directly to the cloud and is not synced with my local OneDrive. I’m really not sure if this is good enough :slight_smile:

If not synced, then I guess I’d go with it. I don’t use Arq so I didn’t know that.

On my two Macs, I use TimeMachine (running continuously backing up to two USB drives), Dropbox Backup, BackBlaze (may drop it if Dropbox Backup keeps working fine), and CarbonCopy Cloner to a NAS for “really important stuff” :tm: . :wink: Yes, perhaps over the top, but over the years I’ve had to recover from backups more than a few times.

Another vote for Arq; I use the Premium version which provides their own cloud location
I’m satisfied with a local backup copy, and a cloud copy (Backup 3-2-1)

I too use Arq and also wanted to have ALL databases (including the inbox) at one destination. So I moved the inbox db to my general db folder and linked the file to the application support folder (if symlink suffices or hardlink is required) I cannot say as I’m not at my computer at the moment.

While this is technically permissible, we generally don’t advocate doing this. Just so you know.