Backup function doesn't seem to store recent changes


After yet another system crash (Lion), the file I had been working on over the last days has been reset to the state it was in three days ago. Using the Restore Backup function reproduces that same state, although it claims the latest backup be from yesterday. Opening the database package and looking into what I believe to be the rtfd itself (Files.noindex/rtfd/…) shows that one, too. I don’t understand. It looks as if the files are being backed up only every three days, but I can’t imagine that to be true. So what is this?

Thanks for any idea.

Backup stores the database’s internal index files - it does not backup the content of your documents.

See Help > Backup

and the note on Preferences > Backup

Thanks for the clarification. But isn’t that an incredible, incomprehensible failure to understand how communication and programming works on the most basic level? Well, I’ll post this in the Feedback section.

After restoring the database to its state as of the time of the backup, the database will of course not be aware of any documents that had bee added after that time.

Now run Tools > Verify & Repair. New files added into index after the time of the backup will be detected.

A group will be created named Orphaned files. File the content og that group into you database structure and it will be up to date.