Backup not restoring


Getting ready to exit DTP 3 this morning and I decided I should run Optimize Database since it had been a while. I selected the option and a few seconds later DTP crashed. I re-opened the program, received the message the database was in use. I hit continue to force re-open. I could see my files but received inconsistency alerts so ran Verify & Repair with no issues, but the database was in read-only mode. Quit DTP and received message that inconsistencies were found and I should restore backup or rebuild database. I selected rebuild and after thinking for a few minutes, DTP appeared done none of my files are appearing. I made a backup yesterday so thought no big deal and selected the option to restore backup, selecting yesterday’s backup. DTP thought for a bit and appears successful, yet again… no files appear in DTP. I’m stuck as nothing is appearing in DTP, but I can see all my underlying files are still there in the filesystem in Finder.



Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.