"Backup & Optimize" malfunction?

Back in the olden days, “Backup & Optimize” would PUSH the oldest backup out of the list when I backed-up the current database. But now (using 2.0 pb5) the oldest ones stay around and it is the NEWEST backup that is pushed out.
Q1: Anyone else notice this?
Q2: Is this a “feature” … like the appearance of the bloody sidebar in EVERY opened window? :wink:

  1. I’ve just checked this. I opened some databases that had not been opened recently and manually ran Backup & Optimize. The older backups were moved through the rotation cycle as always. ‘Backup’ is the most recent, ‘Backup0’ next most recent and ‘Backup1’ the oldest.
    2} The sidebar is a viewer-selectable option, and if one wishes, can be set to appear for some views and not others.

Hi there. I just checked it again. I took snapshots but can’t paste them into my reply. They look like this:

FIRST “Restore Backup …”:
Backup 6/9/09 10:56:06 AM
Backup.0 3/31/09 3:06:44 AM
Backup.1 3/30/09 9:20:11 PM

SECOND “Restore Backup …”:
Backup 6/9/09 11:04:19 AM
Backup.0 3/31/09 3:06:44 AM
Backup.1 3/30/09 9:20:11 PM

What should I do? Delete the old ones totally? What’s going on??? :cry:

Could you explain how to activate this option?


(NB—I’m talking about the BLUE sidebar that shows the multiple databases, Trash, and Global Inbox.)

Don’t delete anything. I looked at the contents and sizes of my internal backup folders and they are cycling properly.

Re the sidebar: toggle its display on/off via View > Show/Hide Sidebar – and note the keyboard shortcut to do so.

Also note the Preferences > General - Interface option, ‘Retain view’.

Bill! I just figured it out. Before the newest Beta, I had by “number of archives” set to 3. When I installed the Beta, it magically reset to zero! Having the archive-number set to zero when you ALREADY have multiple saved backups results in only the NEWEST backup being replaced.

Mystery solved. Though it might be a nice fix if, when this happens again to others, the default replacement on a “zero-setting meets multiple past saves” scenario is the oldest, and not newest, backup.

I DO have “Retain view” selected. But if I close a window and then open it back up, the damn blue sidebar reappears, pushing my columns all out of whack. There’s no PERSISTENCE of sidebar absence between (1) window closings and (2) database closings.

I usually have several windows open, for different databases and project groups.