backup scenario

I am going to re-image my macbook with my school districts standard macbook image. I read one of the other posts and I am making a copy of my database with a '.dt ’ extension, 4 gigs on an external drive. Will this give me all the info I need to reconstruct my database?

I looked into using a “backup and optimize” feature in Devonthink but could not seem to get what I wanted out of that.

Also I’ll have to re-install Devonthink. Can I avoid that by making a copy of the application and preferences?


I assume you are using DT Pro or DT Pro Office, as that database extension, .dtBase, doesn’t apply to a DT Personal database.If you are using DEVONthink Personal, the database is the folder named DEVONthink at the location ~/Library/Application Support/.

Note: Be sure to quit DEVONthink Personal/Pro/Pro Office before making a Finder copy of a database, as the copy may have errors if the copy is made while the database is open.

Tools > Backup & Optimize creates a current internal backup inside the database. The state of the database as of the time that backup was made can be restored by using Tools > Restore Backup and choosing the appropriate internal Backup folder.

You are correct that Backup & Optimnize is not intended to backup the entire DT Personal database folder, or the .dtBase package file of DT Pro/Pro Office.

Yes, you can use a copy of the application and preferences. Be sure to keep a copy of your license code email message in case you need to enter your registration information.