Backup Strategy Question

Yes another backup strategy question. :slight_smile:

I have Mac Pro & Macbook Pro

My wife has Imac and another Macbook Pro.

We both have Devonthink Pro Office but haven’t set up for syncing yet.

We both work/travel with our Macbook Pro’s for four months a year, have our own companies and need to sync with our home computers.

But there are a few databases we’d like to sync with each other.

We probably add about 10-30PDFs a week and a few web URL’s, etc. so not an enormous amount.

I’ve got a remote VPS that I could setup a WebDav on, is that the way to go but I’m open to suggestions. Then we both sync to that but share our mutual databases?


Note: Sync is not a backup. It is neither advertised nor advocated as such, and it should not be relied on as such. A backup is a very particular thing, distinct from syncing.

If you can set up the WebDAV server for access off your network, then yes you could use it as a sync location. You would just just a common sync store name in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync, though you could log in with individual credentials if you set it up that way, and sync the databases you want to share to that store.

Do note that we can’t account for the reliablity of the connection, on or off network, so be aware of the inherent limitations that come with using remote sync locations (and yes, this can also affect commercial services as well, even if to a lesser degree).

Thanks, yes, I have a separate backup strategy.

I’m in SE Asia a sometimes with 5 down/ 2 up Internet.

Are there dangers of this corrupting databases?

Dangers of sync corrupting the databases? No. Sync data is isolated from the local databases.

Upload / download speeds and reliable networks do play a factor in any remote sync location. The ideal would be to do the initial merge / import on a faster, more reliable network. Subsequent syncs, especially smaller amounts of data as you’ve described, would likely be okay on less robust networks.

Thanks! :smiley:

No problem.