Backup to Google Drive?

I make secondary backups online from DevonThink 3.8.3 to a Google Drive using Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.28. My .dtBase2 files are on a local (external) HDD and CCC uses those sources for its backup tasks.

The problem is the ever increasing space taken up just for DevonThink. Items in .dtBase2 files seem to get backed up each time even when not changed.

I’ve also tried using the CCC option of running a deletion pass first which appears to accomplish nothing. But that might be due to Google Drive and what happens there when you delete (trash) something.

Any comments about this and why it happens appreciated. As would suggestions about practical ways to resolve the problem.

The database files (containing e.g. search index, metadata, thumbnails and more) change indeed frequently and probably cause this behaviour. However, it’s actually not recommended to perform backups of databases which are opened to ensure that the backup is indeed consistent & valid.