Backup to iCloud nervous...

This setting made me nervous. With the app it was automatically on after the update.

  1. Is the back-up encrypted and if so how?

  2. I have 12GB of documents, I am paying for 50GB on iCloud, shall I calculate for this extra GB then?

  3. Are back-ups made only via WiFi or also in cellular - will be a nice Verizon bill next month if so. I know I can turn off DevonThink in cellular on my iPhone, but I often create a WiFi network for my iPad.

  4. Does turn off affect the app in any other way than just stop iCloud backup?

This is NOT our backup strategy. It is Apple’s, so whatever Apple and your provider are doing is beyond our control. This is just setting whether to exclude DTTG2’s data from iOS backing it up to iCloud. Nothing more.

Aha! I see so by turing it off all my documents will not be backed up to iTunes when I sync my iPhone.

AND I do my back-ups from my iOS devices ONLY to my computer, never to iCloud so no problems.

Smart - DevonThink are PROTECTING my private information this way!