Backup workflow question: how to best roll back an older version of a file from a backup?

I use Arg backup for my DT databases. If something happens with a file and you want to roll it back to a former version, what would be your workflow with DT backups? A file outside DT is easy in Arq, go back in time, locate it in its folder and then reinstate it. If I have to get a backup file from DT in Arq it seems I have to reinstate the whole database (change its name first I think) and then find the single file from inside DT. A bit cumbersome. A dream scenario would be if DT had a versioning option built into it as part of the sync, both on the database and single file level. Am I missing something important here?

I guess using TimeMachine I could easily go back in time and open Devonthink in a former state? But what I like about Arq is that it makes frequent backups to Dropbox, so I’m not dependent on external hardware.

It’s possible to recover a single file using the Arq backup
You won’t be navigating folders; I find it easier to search on filename

:laughing: Ahhh… there is a search field in the corner. Gosh. So easy. Perfect. Thank you!