I am really paranoid about data loss and so I backup way too often. DT’s help manual tells me to quit DT before backing up, which is a pain. Can I do it without quitting? I presume it has something to do with the lock file in the data folder when it is running. If I backup while DT is running, do I copy the lock file as well, or is it better to leave it? What about if I restore? I suppose I could do the experiments and find out for myself, but as I say, I’m paranoid…

Thanks for any help



I do not remember that close-before-backup-rule any more since I am beta testing. In the new version you will not need to close DT any more, so just wait a little bit more and enjoy backing up with ver 1.9!


The problem is not just the lock file, but also the fact that the Personal Edition flushes pending data to disk just every couple of minutes. So, it really a good idea to quit DEVONthink before copying the DEVONthink database folder to a second hard disk or a CD-R.

This does, of course, NOT affect the backup you can make with “Tools > Backup & Optimize”. You can use this at any time.



Thanks, troops.

I think that’s the solution, staring me in the face: pending the new version, run the optimise command, then backup to spare HD backup from DT’s “backup” folder instead of the main data. Ha! another triumph of common sense.

Thanks again.