Backups - dont really understand..

So I’ve read the documentation, and I’ve browsed through the forums, but I’m still having trouble figuring out what needs to be backed up…

I understand that the software has some scripts that will create a zip file (which I intend to use), but I also use crashplan to back things up without my intervention. Should my system be blown to bits, would a backup of the devonthink office pro .app and the dtbase2 datbase files encompass everything I need to restore?

Also - where are the actual files (like the PDFs) stored? in the dtbase files or within the .app?


If your database is self-contained (doesn’t include Index-captured files), the document files (PDF and other filetypes) are stored within the database. A database archive, or a copy of the database, is a complete backup of the database. Self-contained databases are easy to move among your computers, or to run from a portable external drive.

If, however, your database includes Index-captured items, the backup will be incomplete unless those items are also backed up, and restored in the same relative position as stated by the Paths of the Indexed items. The database isn’t self-contained, but contains pointers to at least some document files that are stored externally to the database. If, for example, your database included documents Indexed from a folder named “Harry” in your Documents folder, a complete backup and restoration of the database will include both the database itself, and the folder named “Harry”, located in the Documents folder.

Perfect, thanks.

What happens if I take a database and MOVE IT (not copy) to a USB drive for permanent offline storage? I don’t plan on keeping the data on my mac any longer, but don’t want to corrupt devonthink by moving the database file out.

Would it be better to use devonthink’s backup features and then delete the database from devonthink?