Backups in Demo Mode

Evaluating DEVONthink this month and noticed the automatic backups location selection window is greyed out. Is this crippled in the demo so will be activated when purchasing or is it a possibly an install bug?

Thanks, Ric

No, this option is not yet available at all.

So backups are done manually at this point?

You can set the frequency of internal backups in Preferences > Backup. Note also that the default number of internal Backup folders inside the database is 3.

Personally, I manually run Tools > Verify & Repair followed by Tools > Backup & Optimize manually, at break times following significant changes to the database, such as addition of lots of new content, organizational changes, new writing and editing work. That way, I’m assured that I’ve got a very recent backup should anything go wrong. (Even though I haven’t had anything go wrong in a long time, I have a “belts & suspenders” attitude and believe in backups!)

It’s a good idea to make external backups, especially on an external drive. There’s a very convenient script for this purpose in DT Pro’s Scripts menu > Export > Backup Archive. The Backup Archive script will let you choose the location for the backup, automatically run Verify & Repair, Backup & Optimize, then save a compact, dated archive of your database to the location you chose.