Backups to online servers

I read somewhere here about JungleDisk and have taken out a subscription. All is working well, but backup up my 800Mb DevonPro file seems to take for ever–thousands of folders are created before the backup begins.

Is it feasible to use synchronisation (I use SynchronisePro!) instead of backup. I read, again somewhere here, that synchronisation is not a good idea for the DevonPro database.

Having put so much information and effort into Devon Pro, I am now paranoid about backup. I would be interested to hear other users’ backup strategies.

The first copy takes log due to the many files, but when you use e.g. ‘rsync’ (uni-directional synchronization) as an intelligent copy command the next backup should be a lot quicker.

Addendum to Eric’s comment:

For Leopard Users, Time Machine works great.

For times when extensive modifications to a database are being made and one doesn’t want to wait for a scheduled backup, Scripts > Export > Backup Archive is useful.

Backup Archive is also recommended if you wish to store archives on removable media such as a DVD disc at an off -site location for added security. The archive files are compressed and dated.

Synchronization (two-way) of copies of a database hosted on two computers, each of which has been modified, is a different kettle of fish. One-way synch, which you are using, is pretty simple and straightforward. The only logical glitch to worry about would be the case where the database is still writing to disk at the time of synchronization.

For off-side backup I can recommend JungleDisk. Due to the fact that the Quicktime update today bricked my MBP I had to restore from Timemaschine. As this backup was one day old I restored my newer DT database with Jungledisk. Worked like a charme.