Backups to the rescue

I finally found time on a quiet Sunday morning to update to 2.0.5. My iPad mini with 128GB proceeded to chug away as it updates the databases, so I left it alone. About 30 minutes later, a message comes up saying my iPad is almost full. No bother - I tap ‘settings’ and start to cull some cruft, but mostly old apps.

Re-launch DTTG, thinking it will need to start over again. Instead, I see a message that my sync stores are damaged and I will need to re-download. Not ideal, but not a huge problem. I start to do this with one of my key databases that I use daily.

It starts to “prepare” everything and I sit back. But, just then, something in the back of my head tells me that perhaps I better make a quick copy of that database on my MBP. Just in case. I go to my MBP, and it turns out that particular database is open, as are a few others. I close them all, but make a copy to my MBP desktop of the one currently ‘preparing’ on the iPad.

Good thing, because right in front of my eyes, the contents of the entire database disappears.

I quickly turn off all syncing in DTPO and delete DTTG. By then, I’m shaking a little bit. A 3GB database reduced to mere hundreds of MBs. This is a database that has 10 years of news articles. To lose it would be a calamity, to say the least.

The good news is that I replaced the crippled database with the preserved backup, and I’m back to where I was.

Obviously the lessons from this tale are that a) adrenalin is better than coffee on a sleepy Sunday morning and b) multiple backups are critical. Overnight, my two machines are synced and cloned many times over. I take regular snapshots of my critical DTPO databases and upload these to my Amazon S3 account. Cheap storage, peace of mind. Thanks to this regimen, I was likely never in any real danger of losing anything, but the possibility is scary.

I’m more than a little scared to turn sync back on, if I’m being honest. If I do, it will be with a new sync store, of course.

Could you please choose Help > Report Bug (after pressing the Alt modifier key) and send the email to cgrunenberg - at - In addition, please tap the ? button on iOS and choose “Contact Us” and send the email to the same address. Thanks!

Hi Christian - I’ve actually since re-installed DTTG and started a new syncstore using (as opposed to dropbox), so have been doing some testing to ensure things are stable. My logs have subsequently been wiped, I suspect, as there has been a huge amount of activity since this incident.

I’ll send what is generated, just in case. Thanks!

Thanks. I am a relatively new DTTG user. IOS only, no mac. After upgrading to version 2.0.5 it seems as if I have most of my prior notes…I will start a support ticket in the event they can be salvaged, David