Bad gateway (502)

The sync log is giving me a “Bad gateway (502)” error for all my sync stores on CloudMe (9 in total). I have reduced the max. connections to 2 in case that causing a problem but to no avail. Two other sync stores in Dropbox are syncing without a problem. I can log into my CloudMe account through a web browser so their system seems to be up and running. Any idea what the error message means?

It means the server isn’t responding. They may be having problems with WebDAV specifically.

Thanks Jim - would an error message along the lines of “server unresponsive” be more informative for the user than "bad gateway (502), or does the 502 error apply to more than one issue?

I have also returning “bad gateway (502)” problems with CloudMe.

It seems that the WebDav functionality has actually some problems
Last weekend, the service was completely not available.

Not it works again, but I also have repeating bad gateway problems.
However, these problems are temporarily; the sync is still working

I contacted the cloudme support, but I’m still not getting any answer…

Just wondering if there was any solution to this. I switched over to CloudMe once Box dropped WebDAV support but I regularly see connection related issues. Could this be related to the number of connections? The default “Max Number of Connections” looks to be 16. Maybe CouldMe doesn’t support that many?

The service should only use their own maximum limit. 16 is just a general limit, but that doesn’t mean a service will use all 16. Also, you can certainly reduce that value, if you’d like. :smiley: