Bad Request when sharing to DTTG

In safari, I shared this Webpage as markdown clutter free

The markdown document shows

[]( Stories&pgtype=Homepage&contentCollection=AtHome “”)
Bad Request

I’ve tried in two devices and get the same result. Other links from same website will clip markdown correctly


Works fine here, tested on iPadOS, shared from Safari.

Jup, I can confirm it works for me too (conditions: iOS 13.6, not logged in to NYT, using an ad-blocker). Seeing as other links work for you, it might be easiest to work around this incident by clipping from your desktop, or using a different clipping option (sorry, that’s probably stating the blindingly obvious)

Just seemed strange that all my devices failed on the same webpage whereas other pages loaded. Thanks for checking for me

Maybe there was a temporary problem on NYT’s side?