"Bad Server Certificate" Message Problem


I’m a new user of DevonAgent so I apologize in advance if this topic has already been addressed.

I am attempting to access medical journal websites through my hospital’s library page. At this point DevonAgent produces a “Bad Server Certificate” popup and I get a blank page. When I try to access the site in Safari it gives me a popup saying it doesn’t recognize the site, but then gives me the option to proceed. In my previous experience with Internet Explorer, this happens with the certificates of a lot of these journal sites. How do I address this from within DevonAgent?

Thanks in advance for any help,


Unfortunately it’s not possible for WebKit applications to accept invalid certificates at the moment. But there might be workarounds which I will evaluate…

Thank you for the rapid reply. If there is a workaround I would find this helpful as this problem significantly limits DevonAgent’s utility for me.

Would this be an issue that could be addressed through a patch, or is it something that would need to await the next version of the program?

I am not a programmer, so if the following is not relevant, again I apologize, but when I Googled this problem I found:
lists.apple.com/archives/Webkits … 00059.html

Thanks again, Uri

I’ve seen this too and will check if this is a reliable/possible workaround. But this will require of course a new version.

I have to agree with uecohen. This is very annoying. Any updates on the status of this issue?

If you can’t fix it because its an Apple issue, can you do something more useful than pop up an error message? Perhaps offer to open the offending page in Safari (or default web browser)?

This really breaks up the workflow. :frowning:

I second this request.

I currently use Safari as my default browser, and the only things really holding me back from switching to DA are the “certificate” issues and the lack of a true bookmark management function, and robust tab browsing functionality like that found in Firefox. But I guess this wishlist is probably best for another forum thread… :slight_smile:

I love DA’s integration with DT, and hope DA’s shortcomings are addressed in the near future. DT Pro Office is a great product, and I would love to make a permanent switch to DA as it has a lot of potential.

Anyway, please keep us posted…


Any update on this? We run several internal servers on SSL, so our certs are not valid. I could really, really use the ability yo browse these in DEVONagent.

Hello, I would also like to know where we stand with this issue. I am on a MSc in Blended and Online Learning and would love to browse the course site from within DT but can’t.