Basic database questions from a Newbie

I already sense considerable promise in DT pro as an one-stop organizational entitiy for most of my information- from the past 3 days of trying it out. However I have some basic questions to which I would appreciated some of your informed answers/opinions (since there is no help file yet).

  1. when I am managing a password protected database, where is all the data stored?? May sound like a really dumb question, but I want to know for sure which file/s I need to include in my regular backups for me to be able to fully restore or be able to open it from another machine? ( I do backups into my ipod, several GB of important documents that I need access to anytime anywhere 8)

  2. In the preference menu, for images, PDFs and movies (which I plan to import a lot of- to categorize and manage), there are two options that I am interesed in - import to database folder vs import to database. I am guessing the database might remain relatively slim if I import to the database folder instead of the database itself, but it would mean I need to keep track of all these other folders properly backed up into the ipod for me to open it on another mac, right? (or is it that copying in to another drive would change the relative paths and links and thereby screw up the whole structure?? I am all confused!) Which option is better :question: ?

  3. Assuming I settle for one of the import options above, is it OK for me to depend solely on the database copy? I am asking this because, I hate to have multiple copies of the same file at several places (except for that in my backup) eating up real estate and also, I am always paranoid that I might update one of the copies and not remember to synch it to its counterpart leaving me perpetually unsure- therefore I would love the idea of deleting the external copy once I import it (unless you guys convince me otherwise)

I would love to pester you guys more as I go along!
Thanks in advance :smiley:,

spydr 8)