Basic formating features

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I’m sorry but have to ask one of these stupid questions. Now I can been on every single menu option, tried to customize menu bar and of course read the manual but still not been able to find an answer.

So my question is where can I find what I would cal basic formating features? I mean like bullets, numbering, ident (think it’s called something like tab or ident in English?), simple tables, strikethrough on a formatted note?

I must say that I find it difficult to see the real difference between Rich Text and Formatted Note?

Under the Format menu.

Formatted Notes are the mobile friendly version of RTF. Note that it is a new format of ours and still has areas we could improved or add to.

Also, RTF is not natively mobile-friendly and there are plenty of discussions about its future usefulness. (I personally am moving farther and farther away from RTF, in favor of plaintext formats - rendered and unrendered (ie. Markdown, Formatted Notes, and simple plain text).

Thanks Bluefrog.
I’m not sure how I could have missed it. The bullets and numbering menu was a little different than what I was looking for but a bit embarrassing that I could miss it :blush:

Thanks for helping.

No worries. :smiley:

Can you comment more on the increasing prominence of Formatted Notes and plain text vs. RTF?

I’m starting a new database and must go between iOS and Mac freqently. I like formatting my documents (RTF works well on Mac) but also must work on iOS. As you know RTF is limited on iOS and does not serve my purposes well. Long term access is important and can’t afford a format to “go out of style.” I put graphics in my notes and the Formatted Note works well for this but don’t want to be using the latest “fad” format.

I would like to know your thoughts, or links to places you know in the forum. I searched and found this note but nothing beyond these comments.

Thank you.


While our Formatted Note is a new format for us, and the controls and options aren’t as mature yet, it is the same concept with Evernote uses for their notes. Evernote notes are essentially just a web page built with word processing type tools (with proprietary bits included under-the-hood). Formatted Notes are the same.

Personally, I use Markdown for much of what I do now. Granted it’s not a format you can drag and drop images to, but the syntax is simple and we support relative links now. So you can add something like and if that file is in the same group as the Markdown document it will render properly. You can also include the images in subGroups as well.

I hope that helps.

Jim, when you say “Formatted Note is a new format for us” are you saying that this is a Devon created format or that it’s a “public” format that Devon is starting to support? If the latter, is this new format gaining traction among developers?

You could say it’s ours but it’s non-propietary.

Thank you.

I guess since I will occasionally use pictures in my documents and must create links outside of the DT Group, even to other DBs in DT the Formatted Note is better. It also seems the Formatted Note is better for links to the web. The FN seems to work better in iOS too. I know RTF and iOS don’t always get along.

Converting these files to PDF retains search and links so that will work for portability and longevity. I don’t want to get locked in a format making it difficult to use my data outside of the system creating it. This is my current frustration with EN. Now that DT has a good iOS platform, I’m free to use DT beyond the desktop and laptop.

Hopefully there will be additional formatting options with this format (Tables?). No need to comment on that last hope since I don’t want you to be pestered with delivery dates on future features discussed. :unamused:

Your information and my experimentation gave me the answers I needed. Again, thank you.


No problem, and there’s always room for improvement. :smiley: