Basic OCR question: ScanSnap + DTPO2

Very simple OCR question. My ScanSnap and DTPO get along very well, interacting seamlessly, which is great. The only “down side” (but not really, of course) is that the interaction is so smooth that there’s hardly any need for me to get involved, which results in me not really knowing what those 2 are up to behind the scenes, so to speak.

So I always have this nagging question in the back of my mind whether redundant OCR activity is going on. I know ScanSnap has its own OCR capability via ABBY, as does DT through the “scribbler” process (whatever that is). Is it possible that OCR-ing is happening on both ends? I ask because of the intense processor tax the whole thing imposes on my machine, which makes me feel bad sometimes (and slows stuff down). If redundant OCR activity was going on, I’d like to lighten my MacBook Air’s work load by fixing that!

If the ABBYY FineReader application isn’t active, only the OCR module in DEVONthink Pro Office is working. :slight_smile:

It seems to me, that the devonscribbler still is a 32bit app.

Is any update of the scribbler in the pipeline or shut I relax and take some cups of coffee while importing files? :slight_smile: