Basic question about organizing and importing pdf files

I’m relatively new to DTPO and even though I’ve found many posts that are related to my question, I’m having trouble applying them to my situation. Here’s a description:

 Within DTPO I import and group all documents by project, with one exception: pdf files.  
 My pdf files are in Papers 2, for its metadata and bibliography capabilities. My folders ("collections") within Papers 2 map onto DTPO groups, but Papers 2 doesn't appear to support folder structures based on collections.)
 In DTPO I index the Papers 2 folder. It's easy to sync and gain newly-added files, but the pdf files are in one "pdf" group, not in their project group.

 I'd like to be able to see the pdf files in their project groups, and I'd like an easy way to sync and add pdf files to DTPO when they're brought into Papers 2. 

 Here are some approaches but I'm not sure whether any of them would resolve my question and, if so, what the pros & cons would be:
  1. Replicate each pdf file and put the replication into the associated folder.
  2. Give up on indexing them. Instead import each pdf file and place it in its appropriate group. (This would probably result in two separate pdf repositories - DTPO and Papers 2 - and make it harder to keep them in sync.)
  3. It sounds like there might be a script to sync individual files, but on a per-file basis the set-up must be extensive and I don’t know how it would automatically know to include newly-added pdf files to the sync process.

Any comments or other suggestions?
Thank you -

I’d think the first method (replicate the entries in the indexed papers group to the relevant project groups) is easiest and safe, provided you abide to Korm’s first rule (“replicate from an indexed group but never to an indexed group”).

hi, thanks!
I was thinking that I should’ve written a much shorter question:
“how can I access a Finder folder full of pdf files from within DTPO, see them within topical groups, and keep DT sync’d with new pdf files that are added to the original folder.”
Thanks for wading through my question; I’ll give it a try.


Actually, I prefer the question as you phrased it originally, it gives much more insight in what your problem is and for that reason makes it easier to respond!