Basic question from a new user: definition of a word straightforward with google, not useful with DevonAgent

I much enjoy DevonThink and want to start to use DevonAgent.

There is something basic that I don’t understand.

I was reading a book, blocked on the word Pharisaism and wanted to look it up. It gave me the opportunity to look at the added value of DevonAgent as compared with a simple google search for a simple problem.

I understand that DevonAgent is slower than google given that the results are downloaded in advance, and that’s fine with me.

I google definition Pharisaism → get a variety of definitions from well diversified non commercial sources, which most importantly allow me to understand what the word means.

I DevonAgent definition Pharisaism and the results are basically nonsense - an eclectic mix of basically garbage : one word, a few words, listing of words, extracts of texts containing the word, all of which are useless and meaningless. Many of the results are extracts (a few lines) of texts which contain the word which is not helpful and rather frustrating.

I am sure that there is something that I don’t understand

thanks in advance for your time and help

DEVONagent isn’t a frontend to Google and it’s not meant for a search like you described here.

Have you read the help?


OK I will read it. thank you

You’re welcome.

PS: If you want an search similar to Google results, you could use the Web > Express option which doesn’t filter the results.

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thank you Jim. I am reading the manual as you suggested and will have a look at Web→ Express