Basic Question - OR

I have a basic question on how to use the OR operator
My goal was to make an automtic research for different keywords in one search.

Example with the Google plugin
If I search eg. red -> Devon Agent returns 26 results out of the 3.490.000.000 with Google search
If I search eg. silent -> Devon Agent returns 10 results out of the 279.000.000 with Google search
So I should get 36 results when I search for red OR silent?? Devon Agent returns only 21

I dont understand the filtering of Devon Agent and how this influences the logical operators. Probably make some basic wrong assumption…

In case OR does not return all the results without filtering, or I want to search for more than 10 keywords - Is there a possibility to automatically repeat a search with more than 10 keywords? (Scripting??)


In this case DEVONagent sends the query to search engines, collects up to n results (see see Window > Search Sets > Plugins > Results per plugin), applies the query on its own to them and filters not matching results. But DEVONagent does not send multiple queries.

Scripting is one possibilty or just enter the first keyword, run the search, enter the second keyword, append (!) the search etc.

Thanks for the answer. helps
Appending was what I did with good results. Just wanted to get my feet wet with my first automatic search.
Will try a script.