Basic scripting questions: automating import of legacy docum

I’m trying to figure out how to move legacy WordPerfect files into DTPro. I’ve got a bit of experience with scripting and simple programming in awk, perl, and python. I have to stress the ‘bit’. I’ve figured things out to do the job then moved on.

Since I’m new to the Mac environment and DTPro I find myself overwhelmed by all the possibilities and too often have just gone done one way that looked promising only to find out it’s a dead end.

Has anyone done this? I’d be interested how people have tackled the two phases: 1) getting the files out of WordPerfect format into rtf
2) automating the entry of the rtf files in DTPro

For 1) I think OpenOffice is an option or just going back to WordPerfect and running a script there to export the files I want.

For 2) I’m really at a loss. When I’ve searched and scanned the DT user forums, people seem to be saying that you can’t move rtf from one application to another.

thanks in advance,

If you’re only interested in the plain text contents, then this might work:

Ensure that the WordPerfect files have the HFS file type ‘WPD4’. Then it should be possible to import them and plain text contents should be created.

That’s undocumentated, untested, incomplete, might work or not :smiley: