basic search with plugins

Basic question: How does one get search results using plugins?
I enter “Keats” and search using the References>Poetry plugin. Zero results.
I enter “aristotle” and search using the References>Philosophy. Zero results.

There must be something very simple and basic I don’t understand about this. Do these reference sites need an account?

Help please.
DA Pro 3.01, MacBookPro, Mac OS 10.6.8

No account is necessary.

Try this:

Choose Window > Search Sets. Create a new search set, e.g., named ‘References - Philosophy’. In the plugins tab, check only the one named "Philosophy’ under ‘References’. Close the Search Sets window.

Now choose File > New Search. Click on the triangle to see the available options and choose the new search set.

Enter as the query “aristotle” (without quotes). I got 21 results.

There might be advanced settings (see “Settings” tab of search windows) filtering results, e.g. I got 108 results for “Keats” using Express mode and 74 results using Agent mode.

Thank you for the quick replies.
This is extremely odd. The other day I got zero results as mentioned above searching for aristotle in References>Philosophy with DA 3.01.

Today I updated to 3.1. Same query got 95 results in agent mode.

I don’t know what to make of that. I got other results using the web search sets, so I know DA 3.01 was working, just nothing with the plugins.

But now they seem to be working. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.