Basic Sync Question (Direct Connect)

I have DTPO 2.9.4 running on an iMac, and DTTG 2.0.3 on my iPad.

I’m trying to set up a Direct Connect using Bonjour, with mixed success. I managed to get an initial sync working, but subsequent updates on the iPad don’t seem to propagate to the iMac. My settings are as follows:

iPad: Bonjour: Enable incoming connections is OFF. Port is empty, and the password is filled-in.

iMac: Bonjour: Enable incoming connections and Open databases automatically are both checked. Although I keep clearing the Port, it keeps getting filled in, presumably with a Mac-assigned port number. There is a green “dot” next to Incoming Connections Available. Also, “Synchronize” is set to Automatic.

But looking at the Databases list on the iMac Sync preference pane, the last sync was quite a few minutes ago, and since that time i created a test file on the iPad, which has not synced.

But wait, there’s more! I created a new database on the iMac, hoping to sync it to the iPad. However, I can find no way to make the new database appear in the list of LOCAL databases in the iMac’s Sync preferences tab.

Any help would be most appreciated!



This is correct. It will - and should - fill itself in.

This is correct also. Sync does not run in realtime or constantly. It runs on an interval.
Here is a bit of advice for you: Don’t sit and watch Sync. In the normal course of a day, no one has time to sit around watching to see if Syncs are happening or not. We have work to do. As you work, you will go from machine to machine, and you should normally just find the changes are there. And if you need something to Sync now, you can manually refresh it. Trust me. I did the same thing at first. Once I broke myself of the habit, I was always pleasantly surprised when I saw, “Hey, there’s that file I just made on the other Mac!"

Have you read the built-in Help ?

Hi Jim,

I understand what you’re saying, and yes, I have read the built-in help. What i haven’t found is a step-by-step tutorial for establishing a Direct Connection between a Mac and a single iOS device.

The issue for me isn’t about sitting and watching sync. Something more fundamental is wrong here.

Today when I got home from work, I launched DTPO, and DTTG. Even after waiting 15-20 minutes, the SINGLE test file I created yesterday on the iPad still had not synced to the iMac.

Not only that, but the Sync Preferences tab on DTPO shows NO available databases to sync, even though I have two databases open.

There is a step by step tutorial: … rials.html

Wouldn’t have thought to look there - not that I (thankfully) need it now - but good to know in order to point others in that direction! 8)