Basic workflow question

As long as I’m backing up my .dtBase2 file and even backing up the db, once I’ve pulled a PDF into the db (File->Import->Files and Folders), there is no reason to keep the original right? I know this seems like it’s a beginners question, but am I right in this thinking?

That’s the way I’ve been operating for years, and it has worked well for me.

Of course, I always advise keeping complete backups of databases, and storing archives externally to the computer that’s running the databases. Back in 2005 my TiBook’s hard drive died an excruciating, grinding death. But there were copies of my databases on another computer.

I use Time Machine. And I use and recommend the DT Pro/Office Daily Backup Archive script (Scripts > Export > Daily Backup Archive). Every now and then I copy a current set of those archives to an inexpensive portable hard drive for offsite storage – I hope my log cabin never burns down, but even so I’ll have my important data.

I pay thousands of dollars a year for homeowner, auto and health insurance. My house hasn’t burned down nor am I sick, but those are prudent investments. So is a little thought and effort in backing up important data, and this costs very little.

Thanks for that feedback. Everything you’ve said makes sense. I do back up with TM, but hadn’t been using the internal BU inside of DTPO. I had recently done a wipe and restore of my internal HDD and just added ~30 MB of PDF files to my db and thought “why do I need 60 MB of space being used since it’s already in DTPO?”

Thanks again

For me usage and purposes it would be unnecessary and confusing to keep duplicates of documents I’ve imported into DTPO databases that are sufficiently backed up.

Right. It was like a lightbulb went on. :bulb: My Finder folder structure was getting unwieldy I wasn’t using DTPO to it’s full potential. Now I will be.