Batch add custom metadata values

Hello guys,

just wondering if it is possible to batch add values for any given custom metadata field.

What I am trying to accomplish here: let us say I have a field called Publishers. I want to add names of the main publishers in my research area so that I can simply select it while adding metadata for the records. Now, a problem comes up when we consider that I am using two Macs. This means that I would have to manually add each publisher name twice (one time in each computer) to the values section of the Data tab in Preferences. Of course I want to this for several fields.

Is there an easier way to do this, preferably via applescript? (I checked the dictionary but found nothing.)

I’m not sure why you’d have to do it on both machines.

If you create a custom meta data definition and apply it to a file in a syncing database, the receiving machine will get that definition when it syncs.

For example, this is a screen capture from a second machine showing the Single-Line text values I entered on the first machine.

The only thing I did was used this meta data on a file in a database that was syncing to the other machine.

That is weird. Has this changed during the beta phase? I can explicitly remember missing this.

I will test it later on today and I will get back to you :wink:

It would be important for me to sort the options alphabetically. Would that be possible?

The values can be sorted via drag & drop.

I have 30+ items. Is there an alternative?

Do you intend to create more custom meta data lists with 30+ items?

If I can find a way to automatically sort them alphabetically, then yes.

That’s the only possibility right now.

Ok. Is it likely to remain so?

At least the next maintenance releases won’t improve this probably, remaining bugs & glitches have the highest priority.

Ok, Christian. Thanks for letting me know.