Batch conversion of RTF to PDF???

I posted on this a while back but I thought I would try again. I need to batch export DT Rich Text files as PDF. I realize I can use something like QuicKeys to do a macro for the Print|Save as PDF function but I was wondering if there was another way, maybe in DT Office??

I thing I just found the Holy Grail- a simple program to batch convert text files to PDF: … tions.html

I dragged a group of files to the dock icon and it did indeed convert them fine.

The nice thing is that it also installed an Automator action. Embarrassingly,I have no clue how to integrate this action into DT. What I want to do is just highlight any group of text files and have them converted and/or exported to PDF. Is there a way to integrate Automators into DT?

One snag might be that I just tried to build a workflow using the action and it said “the executable could not be loaded.”

Looks like it has been pulled-no longer available for download.

Yes…I made the mistake of asking them about an update and they said they didn’t support it anymore and were trying to pull it from the Apple site.

If you want it, send me a PM and I will see what we can do.

Thanks for the offer, but I’ll probably look into what I can do myself with QuicKeys-if I get the chance!