Batch move out of inbox not working


in my Global Inbox, i pressed Edit and selected a few files. For some reason I cannot move them to another database. Why is this?


Does the destination database already contain some of the files? E.g. this can happen in case of emails archived multiple times.


Could you please email us the logs that DEVONthink To Go provides when you choose ? > Contact Us? Maybe we find a hint here.

I cannot as it seems I have to have Mail installed and properly configured? it doesn’t seem to pick up Spark

If you connect the mobile device to a Mac, you can drag and drop the Console.log from iTunes > mobile device > File Sharing > DEVONthink…

I just tried to copy those files on my imac and 2 of them produced a “UUID already in database” error and the other one was producing “file still pending”. Guess there was some sort of problem after all. Odd thing is that my macbook doesn’t show the files with the UUID error in the non-index database, only my imac does now.

Sync is now completely broken.

Files I moved from the inbox on my imac are now showing up again on both imac and all ios devices. i cannot move then since they got moved already (UUID problem).

How is it possible that sync is still such a horrendous, document wracking problem case after so many years (at least with dropbox)?

what is also interesting is that the sync left DT in a broken state, which just seems insane. How is this even possible?

Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.

ticket #194644