Batch printing/exporting emails to PDF?


I have a group with many emails that I’d like to print to PDF. Is there a way to batch process this, either through DTPO or Automator?


Not really, or at least not easily. You may want to look at an app like Email Archiver Pro, if this is going to be a persistent need.

This thread explains the best method I know of to do this.

I’d suggest starting with only a few documents at a time with this, especially if they are long.

Another method (actually easier, I think) is to open System Preferences > Printers & Scanners, select your printer in the left sidebar, then select “Open Print Queue”. Then go to DEVONthink and drag your PDF(s) into the Print Queue window, where they will be sent one-by-one to that printer.

Thanks for the reply. I saw this to but it looks like it just works for printing to a printer, not to PDF.

Enable the alternate email view (see Preferences > Email) or convert the emails to rich text. Afterwards use the script posted in the thread Any way to batch convert files to searchable PDFs? to print the (converted) emails to PDF.